Thoughts On: SXSW 2016

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Thoughts On: Albino Lullaby

I have said in the past that I am not too fond of horror games in general, but I think the market has become oversaturated with horror experiences that are in the first-person. Sure, games like Outlast and Alien Isolation have shown the best ways to handle these kinds of games, but it seems like … Continue reading

Thoughts On: Games from SXSW Part 2

Here is part 2! If you have not seen part 1 of this series of articles, go here! Action Henk Since Sonic the Hedgehog has been doing pretty dang terrible, even with the success of Sonic Generation, it feels like we have to look at other games that can fulfill that need for fast arcade-style … Continue reading

Thoughts On: Games from SXSW Part 1

I honestly mean this from the bottom of my heart that 2015’s SXSW’s video game scene here in Austin, Texas was the best I have ever seen. I think it was because a majority of the games that were there were the indie games, which I really dig. Sure, big budget games are still a … Continue reading

Thoughts On: Armikrog

You know what? I love talking about Kickstarters. I mean, I love talking about the ones that cover video games. My love for these Kickstarters honestly started with one lone adventure game, Armikrog. It was the first official Kickstarter I put some cash on, and I am so happy to see that such a game … Continue reading

Thoughts On: Darkest Dungeon

I realized that I haven’t done many Thoughts On in a while. It’s not because there aren’t upcoming games that I want to talk about, because there are, like Insomniac’s cartoony and personality-filled Sunset Overdrive, The Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation, and a ton of indie games I would love to talk about, but I have … Continue reading

Thoughts On: Final Fantasy XV

The Tokyo Game Show 2014 has come and gone, and there were a lot of great games shown off during the event. You had the prologue gameplay of Ori and the Blind Forest, a trailer for Bravely Second, the sequel to Bravely Default, Dragon Quest Heroes, more information about Bloodborne, the newest game in the … Continue reading

Kickstarter Shout-out: Witchmarsh

With downloadable games like Valiant Hearts: The Great War taking place in World War I, I think it is time that game developers start using different settings within the games they are creating. I think many gamers are getting sick and tired of the usual future, post-apocalypse, and modern day settings. I hope we can … Continue reading